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blue, blue, red, and black skiffs

four wooden skiffs

blue, red, and black skiffs

bait bucket

3 work skiffs

proven├žal plane tree

midnight in arles

in old arles

algodones bell

old blue door

winter at the homeplace

2 old boats

chapel door NM

yellow skiff and buoys

little flagship

little bright skiff

last light

estela primera

out of the blue


striped skiff, buoy

gulliver travels

blue upon blue

fishing fleet

moonlight - between sea and sand

golden skiffs


still water

3 golden skiffs

mooring lines

simply red

old paint

simple red skiff

much too blue too

much too blue

much too blue (with) much too blue too


naples, red skiff

naples, yellow

naples, red

naples, red (with) naples, yellow

to blue

too too blue

harbor 27


Three Skiffs

sings the blues

Portofino Broadside

San Tropez Sunset Broadside

San Tropez Marina Broadside


Ivory and Gold Broadside

Red Yellow Green Broadside

Red Yacht Broadside

Far above Florence

French Country Reflection

Morning Sun, Burgundy

French Mill

Rancho de Taos Door


Sun in the Valley

Above Florence

Olive Country, Tuscany

Fall at the Home Place